Cowboy Bebop anyone?

Are there any other Audiogon members who love the music of Cowboy Bebop?

Lately I have been enjoying Cowboy Bebop which is a Japanese Anime program played late night on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim show. What makes this anime special is the music and the way it interacts with the action and artwork on the screen. Apparently the music was recorded specifically for the show and not collected from previously recorded works.

I would love to have some of this music on a CD (or SACD or DVD audio), but the best collection seems to be the very expensive ($117 at Amazon) five CD soundtrack set. Has anyone listened to any of the other Cowboy Bebop soundtrack CD's? I especially like the opening song "Tank." Can anyone recommend a source other than Amazon for these soundtracks? I couldn't find any that I could verify as good sources. There is some concern about counterfeits of lower quality, what do I look for here so I don't get stuck with one of these?

Note: If you haven't heard the music, tune into the show or go to Amazon and listen to some of the samples. I think you'll enjoy it.
Can't answer any of your question, but I do agree that Bebop has some of the best/appropriate music. Kenshin and Spirited Away has very good soundtracks also.