Covers of Woody Guthie - "this Land is Your Land"

I heard a Springsteen live cover of Woody Guthrie's song "This Land is Your Land" over the weekend. It was very good, but I've seen performances I preferred (notably Reba McIntyre on the 911 tribute). Are there other covers of this song on CD's anyone can recommend? I would prefer that the CD hold up as a whole too.

thanks in advance.
thanks everyone. This is great input . . . I even learned a new trick. Mezmo - you're is especially good.

thanks again, Brad G.

A musical footnote to this ancient thread: Dan Zanes and John Doe recorded a lovely version of "So Long, It's Been Good to Know Yuh." Dan Zanes (once of the Del Fuegos) has been doing children's music for quite a while; John Doe, one of my heroes, is the bassist and singer for X, among many things. I enjoyed Zanes when my kids were young and still find his music a pleasure. I love to think of children getting Woody's music this way!