Covers of Woody Guthie - "this Land is Your Land"

I heard a Springsteen live cover of Woody Guthrie's song "This Land is Your Land" over the weekend. It was very good, but I've seen performances I preferred (notably Reba McIntyre on the 911 tribute). Are there other covers of this song on CD's anyone can recommend? I would prefer that the CD hold up as a whole too.

thanks in advance.

BD ...

Many of the versions of "This Land is Your Land" come from the folk music world and were made during the 60's/Vietnam War protest era. If you appreciate and like that genre of music, then Pete Seeger's version from "The Essential Pete Seeger" or Peter, Paul, Mary's version from "Moving," their second album would be good choices. A tribute to Woody Guthrie (and Leadbelly) titled "Folkways ... A Vision Shared," was released in 1988 and had contributions from Mellencamp; Dylan; Springsteen; and U2. There is a version of "This Land" by Pete Seeger/Doc Watson/Sweet Honey in the Rock that you may like.

Regards, Rich
thanks everyone. This is great input . . . I even learned a new trick. Mezmo - you're is especially good.

thanks again, Brad G.