Covering a naked platter- MMF 7 has no felt pad

I am a 'Budget' Audiophile re-entering vinyl after many years and just purchased a used MMF 7 in excellent condition. The original felt pad is missing, thus the platter is bare. The table & Goldring Eroica H sound fine as is, and I would appreciate the advice of experienced audiophiles. Leave as is or ? Also I'm using the interconnects that shipped with the table & would like to upgrade, are there other items useful to maintaining my MMF 7 & cartridge? Recommendations? I have a Disc Washer. Exposure 2010S amp with moving coil phone stage, NHT SuperOnes on stands,(yes I know, old, & still sound decent in my small apt)
Thanks in advance.
The Linn felt pad is very good and only costs about $25 from the Linn shop on ebay. Tables that come with a pad usually sound better with one; ones like VPI or Basis or Raven that do not come with one usually do not.
I owned a mmF 5 and I didn't use the felt pad. I used a clamp and the glass platter. The fet pat produced static and sometimes it was nasty static. So for that reason alone I didn't use it. Just the platter and the a record clamp was perfect. Besides glass may be faster in the transfer of sound than when using the felt mat. Can't say for sure but check it out.
If I wanted a new pad on my platter I would first explore what Steve Herbelin at Herbie's Audio Lab had to offer. I have not yet tried one of his platter pads, but every other device he has sold me, and there have been many, has worked a treat.
I had the Herbie's on my MMF-7 and it was much better than the felt pad. If you spend more on a mat you might think about an upgrade on a table.

Another idea might be the Music Hall mat and I just bought a Merrill-Scillia mat on Audiogon which I like so far, for not much more than the Herbie's. The seller is still selling them. I did not try it on the MMF-7 so can't help there.

And finally, I have heard some people like not to use a mat on that platter but use a clamp to stop slippage. Never tried that either though.

Welcome back to vinyl.

I think that is a good starter table. You may want to wrap a little teflon tape around the arm, once you get a feel for the table, to dampen it as needed.

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Hello Pushpull, Sorry I did not see the second part of your question.

I did not like the Erotic H and luckily broke it one day. For a lot cheaper you can do much better. YMMV.

Check out Raul's long,long,long MM thread and ask for advise there. He is usually very helpful.

Just don't mention distortions. LOL. (Just kidding Raul)

Thank you all for your support!
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The Herbie's way excellent mat is the way to go!
I used Herbies on my MMF 5.1 SE with nice results....I use one now on my Amadeus...highly recommended.
I use a Music Hall cork mat on my MMF 5 with good results. Have heard good things about the Herbie mats. Go with cork, it will improve your sound greatly.