Cover Songs that are better than the Original

Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold
Eva Cassidy - Over the Rainbow
Eva Cassidy - True Colors
Eva Cassidy - Time after Time
Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves
Johnny Cash - Hurt
The Who- Rush cover - The Seeker
Rush cover -The Pass  Fleesh Version

Not necessarily better than the originals, but, I like these covers:

Concrete Blond--Everybody Knows
Odetta--Times they are a Changin
A couple of oldies which come to mind, the first of which is an instrumental:

"Harlem Nocturne" -- The Viscounts' unique interpretation of an old jazz standard.

"You Can't Catch Me" -- The Blues Project's cover of a Chuck Berry song, on their "Projections" album. Which version is better is debatable, of course, but I prefer this one.  I also prefer it to a version the Rolling Stones had on one of their early albums.

-- Al

Projections was a great album.  Nice call, Al!
Thanks, Russ (rcprince).  Yes, "Projections" was indeed a great album, from start to finish, and has long been one of my all-time favorite rock albums.   

Best regards,
-- Al

I went to see Golden Palominos in the late 80s at The Paradise in Boston, when Syd Straw was with them. The encore was The Ocean by Led Zeppelin, and with all due respect to Robert Plant, Syd was way better. Maybe the best cover I've ever heard.