Coupling vs. Decoupling?

I'm confused as to when to "couple" or "decouple" a component. I was thinking about using Black Diamond Racing Cones under my DAC and my dealer told me that it would be bad because they are a coupling device and I really wanted a decoupling device to isolate it. Can anybody clear this up for me?
Read the stereotimes review of the Aurios Media Isolation Bearing. Or email me directly and we can discuss the difference. Oliver
Kleiman couple/decouple is in reference to shelf/rack in which your component is kept. Hard cones couple your compenent to shelf/platform, and should drain vibration away from unit, many cones have "tuning" pads of various materials to absorb vibration. Soft feet decouple/float your component from shelf, examples are vibrapod/AQ big feet/air bladders etc......each different system has its own sound, isolation devices are especially important for CD players and turntables.....Oliver has yet another variation in bearing type isolation feet like Aurious MIB and Symposium Rollerblocks...components that develop internal vibrations like CD player and turntable that have motors need to be coupled to drain vibration developed internally, bearing devices are unique in that they couple/decouple simultaneously......regards Sam