Coupling caps for Rogue m180 darks Audyn Reference VRS Mundorf Supreme

Hello tried starting this thread in the Amplifire section with no responses. Does anyone have direct experence between these two caps as a coupling cap in amps? These are the largest I can fit because space is an issue, so I cannot try teflons or pure metal foils. Thanks for any advice. 
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Yes, a more open Linear sound. Mundorfs can be dark sounding. I do not want thinner or brighter though.
Jupiter Copper Foil!
Mundorf MKP's are dark, but very smooth.

Munforf Supremes are the opposite, and to my ears, saturated with color.

Jupiter Copper Foils are wonderfully reviewed, and physically massive.

Clarity CSA caps are very smooth, transparent and may physically fit.
Eric, so the supremes are grainy and colored sounding to you? That's what's in my amps now.