Coupling caps

I own a Tube Audio Lab WE91 300 amp and a JE labs linestage. They use Jensen aluminum foil POI coupling caps and I am thinking about changing them out.

I have some Jensen paper tube copper foil PIO caps on the way and was also thing about the Dueland copper cast and Jupiter copper foil paper/wax . Has anyone changed coupling caps in any of the TAL equipment or can venture opinions? There a lot of "shootouts" around using different equipment so there are system and listener dependencies in these evaluations.

Personally, I value a smooth midrange as opposed to extended treble as I have some hearing hyperacusis issues that make me very sensitive to upper mids and treble such as sibilance.
Jarrett, I am a confirmed cap roller and have checked myself into a 12 step program to break the habit! Based on what you are saying, and I share your sensitivities to upper mids and highs, your best choices would be....

1) Arizona Capacitor Green Cactus caps - best choice and $25 each
2) Jensen paper tube PIO and Jupiter copper foil or aluminum flat stacked

I have rolled in SET amps like yours and these caps will indeed please you greatly.

Thanks for the response. I can't locate these caps on the Arizona Capacitor website. Do you have a more specific product number?
Just call them and give them the value you want. Make sure you know the uf value and voltage rating. I purchased .47 uf at 600v.

They require you to call in. That is what I did.