Coupling cap upgrade for Cary CAD-805C help

Hi all,
I want to change coupling caps in this monos to Jensen or Mundorf.
1- My question is how many caps total ? Cary site list 3 for 805AE - mine is 805C

2- Value of the caps are 47 microfarad 450V - I don't seem to find this value in partsconnexion and other online store. Only 0.47 microfarad available. Any comment?

3- Where I can locate these caps. Note: 805C has only one 6SL7

Many thanks
Coupling caps are .47 not 47. I think your amps coupling caps are .47
Meant to add coupling caps are not that large and 47 uf is not a coupling cap
Would suggest the you contact Cary for advice on this. Also recommend the Cardas Teflon coupling caps. Replace the power supply 0.01uF bypass caps with the Jensen.
I recently installed four of these in my Cary monoblocks. A most excellent upgrade, worth every penny! AND- Yes; you can safely increase the voltage rating of the coupling cap(just FYI). (
Thanks for all responses
I have pics of these Nichicon caps 3 of these have value of 47 uF 450V (tied together with tie-rod) and other 2 has value of 47uF 350V (smaller size than 450V)

I guess I need to open it up again to look for correct ones
I would love to replace power supply caps too.
Rodman, could you tell me where to look for these caps? what is the color of the stock coupling and power caps? or where they connected to? I see 3 blue color (no name 15000uF 16V) and some are marked Kimber Kap .22 puls/minus 10%
I did send email to Cary (Marc and Steve) explain that I would like to buy them from Cary for DIY to avoid $400 shipping cost but no response from them
Hi all,
Here is what I found in this forum
1- Veteran member Brf preferred Mundorf MCap® Supreme Silver & Gold & Oil
2- Casouza stated (mine has only one 6SL7): Coupling caps are tipically .1uF to 1 uF, 400 or 630 Volts and are connected between plate of the first tube to grid of second tube and so on.
I believe your amps have one cap between first 6sn7 and second 6sn7, another one between second 6sn7 and 300B, one large cap between 300B and output tube.
This number match with CaryAudio web on 805AE
Based on statement above - my amp has only 2, but second one between 300B and 845/211 has larger value?
Rodman said 4 ?
BTW: My brother did upgrade his SLI-80 thru Cary and Cary folk recommended/installed Cardas cap over Jensen Oil (same price)
Oh lucky me :)
I found this exact model schematic service manual online
For reference:
Sorry to have confused you. My Cary monoblocks are not 805's, and have four 6550s each(push/pull amps), hence: two coupling caps each. The Deulands are available(discounted) at Parts Connexion. The only caps that are currently regarded more highly, by those that have done extensive(and megabuck) listening tests, are the Deuland Cast-PIO-Ag. Your amps should have 4) 1500uF/450V filter caps, each. I usually buy my bigger electolytics from Digikey or Mouser. They are both very finicky about the manufacture dates of the caps they sell. ( ( (
You must have hit ENTER, about the time I did! BTW: as wonderful as the 805C is; it would be a shame to use anything less that a REALLY superb coupling cap. According to the schematic; both SET tubes are using a .22uF/450V coupling cap. the final output tube(845) has a 2uF cap, in parallel with the .22 oil filled. You needn't worry about the, "eye" tube(obviously). If you upgrade those .22's; you should realize a substantial improvement(ie: soundstage/more organic sound/cleaner & more extended high freqs, sans stridency).
Really appreciate your comment Rodman
So the 2uF cap is not benefit from upgrade?

I can go with Duelund (price wise) if I can find feedback about it on coupling function. I had my Merlins upgrade to Master status with Duelund caps

From schematic, I have no clue which power caps to upgrade.
Anyway, my goal is coupling caps, as Cary offer
Hello Mt T: Cap upgrades will increase performance, almost anywhere in an amp. Certainly; in the case of that 2uF, but- the .22uF will be more noticable. The filter caps are the large ones that extend above the chassis, next to the power and output transformers(C2-5, in the parts list). Depending on how old the amps are; the replacement of those caps can yield dramatic benefits(especially dynamics/bass impact). The 805C came out in 1991, so- your pair could be as old as 22 years. A virtually guaranteed, drastic change in sound quality, with those 1500uF/450V Vishays installed(and they're some of the easiest things to swap out, in an amp). I would do the coupling caps first(especially while they are on sale), let them burn in(a couple hundred hours), so you appreciate the differences that they've made. Then, upgrade the power supply filter caps and brace yourself for the next level.
I have rolled all kinds of high end caps in the coupling position. The Mundorf SGO caps are good, but nowhere near the glorious sound and dead quiet background of the Duelund CAST caps.

The two best I have heard in tube amps and preamps are..

Duelund CAST caps
JB JFX Premium film caps

The JB caps come very close and only cost $3-$10 depending on size. They can be purchased at Just Radios in Canada.

They are not quite as extended in the top end as the CAST, but give little else up. The CAST have a blacker background also. the JB's have better bass and are a little warmer sounding without giving up any detail. I know it is hard to believe a $3 cap can sound that good, but they do. I prefer these over the Mundorf SGO's as well as several other Aphile friends that have tried them and now use them.