Counterpoint upgrades discontinued not all

I guess this marks the end of an era. Some of the coolest Elliot upgrades have been discontinued this month and I assume more will follow. Upgrades to the SA-9, SA-11 and the SA-4 have all gone the way of the Dodo bird.

I wonder how this will effect the market for non-upgraded units, upgraded units and Mike's new Aria products.

The good news is that I met someone who is giving up their fully upgraded SA-9 for the Aria WT after comparing both together. I don't know if the decision was based on finances, sound quality or convenience but still it's a good sign for the new Aria pre.
From a value standpoint, up grades do not cut it. The manufacturers/distributors make as much on the upgrade sale as they general did at the wholesale level of the main unit. Dealers want turnover, it is their economic life. Take VPI, their upgrade prices are insane, his name is Harry, not Edie. Yes, upgrades do make the listening experience better, but the value is not there.
The age of the units in question, the condition of the units coming in for mods, the paucity of units coming in. Any of these could be the reason.
My guess is that the quality of the units being sent in are so poor it no longer makes sense (to the business owner) to mod them. He may be getting a higher percentage of complaints from recent customers and decided he served the original Counterpoint customers, and why put up with idiots who never even heard a counterpoint product before sending him something to mod.
Maybe he is just getting older, and does not want to bother...
I HAD a Counterpoint preamp years ago, and am sad to say I sold it.. Big mistake!
I will inject a different viewpoint here. The answer is simple: Aria WV. SA9's and SA11's have been selling in the $3-4K range for the last few years. Each of these to be fully updated was another $4k in cost. That takes the fully-updated pair's cost/value to $14-16k.

The above models were the reference points for the WV's design. And Michael Elliot has already reported that the WV at $8k significantly outperforms the updated pair. And a few SA9/SA11 owners have come to the same conclusion. So why anybody would want to go the SA9/SA11 route makes no sense now with the WV's existence.

As for repairing a failed SA9 or SA11, I have no doubt Michael Elliot would do all he could to get such a unit up and running again. Just that upgrading these no longer makes sense to the owner of such a unit.

Take note that all the other Counterpoint products, many of them much older than the SA9/SA11, still have upgrade paths available. So this would tend to make most of Elizabeth's conclusions not very likely.