Counterpoint SA3000 Any Good ?

I am looking for a Pre amp with a phono stage in it.
I have read a few good things about this pre but am looking for some feedback from users that either have or have had this pre-amp
I would appreciate any info I could get. I do know that the company is out of business but can still be supported if needed.

Other recommendations on a pre-amp with a phono stage will also be appreciated.
As far as the company is "out or business", Mike Elliot, the designer or this preamp is still repairing and modifying them from his company Alta Vista.
I wouldn't worry about support if needed.
Bought one new in 89,havent seen much better,but I havent seen much,good luck,Bob
It is a very good preamp with a good phono stage. It is a hybrid, however I prefer the all-tube predecessor, the 3.1.
I second all of the above replies. The SA3000 was a pretty decent unit, but a SA5000 or a SA-5.1 would beat it pretty easily, IMHO. Mostly due to the tube rectification in the power supply. Tube gain stages are nice, but a tube regulated power supply makes a big difference.
FWIW, both the 3.1 and the 3000 had transistorized power supplies.

Being an SA3000 owner, I can state that it DOES have a tube regulated power supply. Not sure of rectification. These preamps have a tube quality with good bass.
Desk,does the black box on the umbilical have a tube in it?Thanks,Bob
Lots of misinformation here. The SA-3000 has a tube rectifier but no tube regulation in the power supply. The SA-3.1 has a S/S power supply. The best preamp out of the entire Counterpoint line-up is the SA-5.1. It smokes the SA-5000.
Mepearsonthe "SA-5.1. It smokes the SA-5000"

That's a pretty funny and very opinionated statement. Maybe in your opinion it does but I am sure there are others that will disagree with you.
I bought one new years ago and had nothing but problems with it..It was replaced with another new unit after failed attempts to fix the first unit under warranty..The replacement would shutdown continuously..Final got my money back..I would never suggest going into that product
I need a power supply for a counterpoint 3000A, they have a custom one at alta vista but its too much, any help would be appreciated
It would almost cost more to build one than to buy another used one. If you want to sell you unit as is let me know. I am on the alta vista audio website