Counterpoint SA220 vs. modern amp

How does the SA200 compare to a more modern amp such as those of Conrad-Johnson, Audio Research, Bryston ...? I can get a used one for 1100 or less. Is it worth it?
check out look under equipment reviews.
Be careful buying Counterpoint product, as reliability was always the issue with that line. Both myself, my brother and another friend of his, all had various Counterpoint preamps and amps, and we all had trouble of one kind or another.

That being said, we all really enjoyed the sound that Counterpoint put out. It was very musical and you got a lot of bang for the buck with Counterpoint. (I think that their components might have used a cheaper grade of components in their construction, but their design was top notch.)

My two cents worth anyway. Good Luck!
sound isn't that bad the Rowland 1 is clearly sonically better for about the same $ used. mine never had a problem even left on continuously for several years.
I've had an upgraded ( from SA-20 ) SA-220 operating with the same tubes for 10 years - no problems whatsoever. I do think that $1,100 is too much for a used unit - more in the $800 - $900 range IMHO. Nice amp though.
Do a search here about Counterpoint's reliability problems. It has been covered before.
agree with Kurt...There is always a reliablilty question when it comes to counterpoint. It comes from the manufacturing and not the design.

i think you can do just as well with muse, pse, classe, quicksilver, bat, rowland.

Agree with Dbamac on price.Best is to get one and send it to Mike Elliot for upgrades.5 yr. warranty and very good sound.Reliability has been no problem with up-graded mod.Agree with all about older reliability problems.Like Harley-Davidson, all has been addressed and corrected.I have had 3 amps and 2 preamps since 1988 and am happy.One mans opinion,naturally...good luck...remember to cheer for all the Olympians and Hercules for his inspiration...Bob