Counterpoint SA-7.1 phono/RIAA settings?

I have a Counterpoint SA-7.1 that I am bringing back into usage.  It was owned since new (over 30 years). Asking this question as it is not a straight, stock S-7.1.
Around 25 years ago, I sent it in to Counterpoint for a rework where they may have UG'd it to a SA-1000 circuit (I don't remember but I do know the line stage was reduced to just a 6DJ8 tube).  I didn't use it due to a change in life until 11 years later when I powered it up and found the amp was dead and didn't feel I needed to pay Alta Vista quite a bit to further UG it.. 

Earlier this year, I opened up the amp and found that there was a leaking capacitor.  Replaced it and it's working.   Now I want to get a new turntable (found my old LPs).

Question is, the SA-1000 has a setting for MC or MM cartridge usage.  Does such an option exist on this UG'd SA-7.1?
my best guess is that a reduction of the line stage to just one tube did not affect the stock tube RIAA circuit description. It’s a totally different part of the circuit.

So whatever the original phono circuit was capable of re the manual’s wording, this would be very unlikely to be changed. Mike Elliot would not have failed to have informed you of any change in the RIAA use or settings.

(previous owner and rebuilder of at least 5 counterpoint components)(not an appeal to authority, just showing I've dealt with Mike directly back at the time, and had my hands inside the gear)
Actual teo, there is only one person who would call you out for an "appeal to authority".  Showing experience with a given subject is really natural and in good taste from my viewpoint.  

Thanks.  I don't remember what was done but do know the line stage was reduced to 1 single 6DJ8 from 2 (apparently the 6DJ8 can handle two channels per tube) by a circuit board that plugs into the original two-tube line stage tube sockets.
The two circuits are indeed separated (on two different circuit boards  the line stage being in the back and the RIAA stage on the left, both mounted at perpendicular angle to the main board).
I don't see any internal switches or jumpers on the RIAA board so presume the phono input can handle MM or MC.

If I had any documentation about the UG, I misplaced them a long time ago.