Counterpoint SA-4 s - comments?

I hardly know anybody who has ever had these. I'm looking for some thoughts from owners or previous owners because I have a chance at buying a pair. Assuming they can be biased w/ unmatched tubes, how good are these, really?

Thanks in advance

with the right speakers, (i used them with Electrostats) they are pure heaven.

It was with regret I had to sell them about 10 years ago. at the time there were no mods to allow unmatched tubes and even finding the 6lf6s were hard. Most places wanted $40 or more each, retube time meant some serious cash.

I never had a problem with them, I did take mine to Nick Gowan who cleaned them and retraced the entire amp with solder and made sure the connects were sound.
These were designed by Roger Modjeski for Counterpoint. With a sympathetic load, they are among the finest amps ever made.
I use mine with ML CLS I, sound fantastic. Cannot bias individual tubes. Despite the naysayers, never had a serious problem with them. Replacement tubes run $60. apiece, but I have had the current set for 7 years. Mike Elliott will repair or upgrade them for you at ALTA VISTA AUDIO.
An old Counterpoint man like yourself should be telling us,not asking......just kidding,HI DENNIS,long time no see,still in NYC?Bob