CounterPoint SA-3000 Fixed and Upgraded Thank You

I posted sometime back about needing help to fix my SA-3000 preamp as Michael Elliot is no longer repairing or upgrading and has closed up shop (Thank you Micheal for all you have done for the audio world). I thought I was going to have to junk my beloved preamp. Enter the amazing community here on Audiogon, I was contacted by 2 people that are also listed on the AltavistaAudio site and given many other leads. I contacted Johnson Wu as he was by far the closest person to my location. He immediately called me and after some communication I sent my preamp to him.
What an amazing person Johnson is, not only did he fix my preamp but we did almost all the upgrades to it that are listed on the AltavistaAudio site, something I always wanted to do but never had the money, Johnson was more than fair to me on the price and the results??? Let me put it this way now that I have been listening to it for almost a month it is nothing less then spectacular, it's as if someone took a blanket off my speakers more like 2 blankets, the highs are more present and just sparkle, they are so clear, it's as if you turned up the treble knob up a quarter of a turn but without the added shrill and so much more open, the midrange is incredible also, so much more presence, the bass improved so much that I switched out my tubes in my NPS 400 MKII from the Rca clear top 6fq7 back to 6922s because there was so much more bass. Bottom line I had the pleasure of having Johnson work on my equipment, I have never had such a great experience in the audio world. His love of audio is obvious and his expertise in mind boggling. I have the pleasure of having 2 SA-3000 one stock and one that Johnson worked on, all of my statements of praise and sound come from direct comparison even switching the tubes to make it fair.
Thank you so much Johnson and all on Audiogon for your help.