Counterpoint SA-20 MOSFETS

I recently burnt the MOSFETs in my Counterpoint SA-20 amp. I wonder if anyone knows what MOSFETs I can use to replace them?
I believe Mike Elliot replaces them with bipolars. Which he claims sound better. has replacements your tech can put in (used pulled from upgraded units) that your tech can put in or send the unit ib to be fixed or upgrades there are substitutions for you fried parts.
illenmal do you mean

Rose6512, has the mosfets that are used ones that are tested. On the website there is a suggestion for other parts but I think you have to have your tech bias the amp with the new parts because they are slightly different then the original types.

Also, you may have to replace other parts depending on what blew in the amp.

I have a back up SA-220 that also needs mosfets but I was thinking about getting the newer parts and I have been in touch with another Agon member who has a tech in VA who is doing the work for him. Email me if you want to chat about the repairs and other options.

Here is the website and options that you have:

[url=]Counterpoint SA-20[/url]

Happy Listening.
Bigkidz is right.Go to the source,he is always available with email,good luck,Bob