Counterpoint SA-20 Amplifier

Not sure where to post this, so I thought I would start here and see if anyone can offer suggestions.

I have the subject amp, and the main fuse blew, and replacing it, same thing happened. Going by the Alta Vista Audio site, the probable cause is the main power supply is gone.

I am no longer in a position to support this amp, plus Mike Elliot doesn't fix them anymore anyway due to health issues, so before I take it to the local dump, is there a place to freecycle items like this. I guess it is not totally free, since they would have to pay the cost of shipping 70+ lbs of metal to wherever they are, but it is almost free.

I would list it for sale here, or on ebay as an auction with clear description of the issues and a "needs repair - as-is" buy. Someone will buy it happily, possibly at a surprising price.
There are plenty of wanted ads in here so you don't even have to list it and pay listing fee.
Perhaps I'll be interested too if you send me PM. Please include your location.
agree. Output stage blew. Known problem with these units.
Real SA20s are fixable with Exicons or Toshibas.
SA220s.... other things on the bias / protection board are likely toast and impossible to fix.
A lot of SA20s are actually SA220s.
Check to see if output devices are direct-wired or each set of 4 soldered to an output board.
Agree totally with other posters (toasters?). If you need an SA-220 transformer I've got an extra one also caps. Michael Elliott is fine - but he's retired.