Counterpoint SA-11 Manual

I have recently become a fan of Counterpoint products. 
After acquiring a SA-5.1, I found a SA-2 and was very happy listening to my records.
But then i came across a SA-11 which is supposed to be one of the best tube preamps and i bought it.
I am listening to it but I am not sure i am using it to it's full potential as there are thing that i don't know.
Can anybody help me with a manual and also i am missing the remote control, I am looking for one of those as well or just the codes. Thanks

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I have a Counterpoint Sa5000 for many years which I had fully modded by Mike Elliot just before he went out of business . I remember there was someone to contact for manuals but that was 4or 5 years ago.  A guy whose handle on Agon is bigkidz does repairs on Counterpoint stuff you might want to try and shoot him a message. There were other repair guys listed back then who might be of help.I might be able to dig up this info if bigkidz can't help.


Yes it seems a lot of Counterpoint gear has been upgraded.  I know that Elliott generally built his gear to a price point hence the path to upgrade with better resistors,capacitors,internal wire, power supply,etc.. As I recall the Sa11 was his top of the line and out of my price range at the time.  You should consider yourself lucky to have nabbed one as they don't hit the secondary market often.  I was wondering what tubes it uses and how many.   If the the tubes are old or stock issue you can probably get a very big increase in SQ by going Nos .Good luck with unit.