Counterpoint SA-11 Manual

I have recently become a fan of Counterpoint products. 
After acquiring a SA-5.1, I found a SA-2 and was very happy listening to my records.
But then i came across a SA-11 which is supposed to be one of the best tube preamps and i bought it.
I am listening to it but I am not sure i am using it to it's full potential as there are thing that i don't know.
Can anybody help me with a manual and also i am missing the remote control, I am looking for one of those as well or just the codes. Thanks

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Faceplates are rare to find.  They can be made by your local metal manufacturer but I am not sure if you want to bother.  Remotes are even rarer to find.  I can repair and modify any audio component and work on Counterpoint components usually 3/4 each month.  I have manuals that I can email for no cost.  The main issues with Counterpoint products are their age.  Some of the circuit boards were poor and very thin.  So repairing them can be a challenge now.  Mike's upgrades were good cotly and I now design my own products, I incorporate my designs in the upgrades/modifications now which take these units to a entire new level.  I use the best parts in the units and do some redesign to bring them to levels you cannot buy in any other manufactured product today without spending a bundle.  I recently upgraded a blown SA-220 hybrid power amp with bi-polar transistors and it is fantastic sounding.  Like someone already mentioned, Counterpoint was built to a price point.  For example, the SA-5000 uses a $7.00 carbon volume control.  A decent ALPS cost $50, a much better option.  The SA-5000 is an excellent sounding unit even when modifications are added but the power supply does not leave me with enough room to make better improvements.  I prefer the SA-2000 so that I have room to make changes.  I tell people all the time to buy an SA-2000 used for say $600, send it to me for $1000 all out upgrade modifications and you will be done with a tube preamp for a long time.  It won't be a weak link in your system.  My partner and I will probably make a design for commercial sale in the future based on this but mostly point-to-point wired instead of the circuit board.  I also have the license for the newer circuit boards but I am out of stock so in order to get more I have to pay for a set-up charge and a minimum order of boards.

Contact me if you need advice or assistance of any kind for any audio product.

Happy Listening.  Peter