counterpoint NPS 400 with upgrade

I recently had my amp upgraded by mike elliot the designer of the amp. I must be missing something. anyone have feedback on this amp and the upgrade.What should I be hearing.
Mike Elliott is a superior designer, he has been responsible for some of the best and most important audio products around. As far as performance, I suspect that if you just got your amps back that you may have as much as six weeks ahead of you in break in before you hear all that they are capable of. Also, the tubes in those amps are very critical to performance, bet it has stock units in there now. Something to consider after break in. Use up the stock tubes and pile up the hours before investing in NOS. Besides, you will appreciate the NOS stuff because you will have developed a reference.
I have been listening to my NPS400 "Ultimate" upgrade by Michael Elliot since early December. After a few weeks breakin, you will notice a smoother, more refined sense of imaging and much better liquidity. There was a certain "harshness" I remember hearing in the first few weeks that slowly went away. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to hear the NP400 "regular" for comparison's sake as I bought this one straight from Michael's shop with the upgrade. I am extremely happy with amp's sound and have been looking for another one in silver to bi-amp with. I don't mean to make unsolicited offers, but if you know anyone with one for sale or are interested in selling yours, then please feel free to contact me (