Counterpoint NPS 400 w/ Electrostats

Hi: Just wondering if anyone has had experience running electrostats such as Innersounds or ribbons such as Magnepans with Counterpoint NPS Series amplifiers. I know Michael Elliott recommends in his manuals that these amplifiers should not be used with very low impedance loads, however his NPS 400 is rated at 400 watts into 4 ohms. Thank you.
I own the modified SA-220 which I think the upgrade is considered to be the NP-220. It uses (2) 6SN7 tubes in the amp versus the old (4) 6DJ8 tubes. Rated at 220 wpcs and I think 380 into 4 ohms. I lent the amp to a friend at an audio rave and he told me that the amp drove a pair of Maggies very well. It was the best of the amps that they tried then. Not sure what other amps where there.

So I would think that the NPS-400s would do an equal or better job at powering up the Maggies.
One of my favorite audio values out there is the NPS400. It so severely embarrassed the ARC CL150s I had been using before. The NPS400 controlled Maggie 3.3 and 3.5 that I owned and loved for many years. The Wolcott mono amps brought on a little more bloom but the NPS400 was a great amp here. When I changed to SoundLab A1 speakers, the NPS400 continued to greatly impress me. Never was the sound strained that often goes with an amp running at its limit. I now run with the CAT JL-3 which is in a whole different league of price/performance, but when I had to return to the NPS400 when I needed new tubes for the CAT, I realized what a keeper this amp is.
Years ago, when I was testing amps with Martin Logan SL3s, I tried a number of amplifiers, and the Counterpoint NPMs (not NPS400) were among the best out there - unfortunately for me at the time, they had just been sold to someone else. I think they are wonderful amps (but have never tried the NPS400) They gave more 'depth' than the Innersound amp (which was otherwise great), and in the end, I settled for big VTL MB-450 Signature amps, which CAN drive an impedance as low as 1ohm.