Counterpoint NPM monoblocs

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I'd like to know about it's sonic signature, ability to drive low impedance/insensitive spkr like MG3.5...etc. Any info will help, thanks!
never heard them with Maggies. I tested them listening to Martin Logan SL3s (which go down to about 1 ohm at their lowest impedance - I believe at 20kHz or so?). I thought they were great. At the time, I compared them with VTL 450 monoblocks and an Innersound ESL amp (stereo, not monos). Source was the same on all and ranged from Sony SCD-1 (or 777ES) to high-end Esoteric and Wadia 861 (two sessions 2-3yrs ago and I remember it like yesterday). The NPMs are very "smooth", a bit warmer/sweeter than the VTLs and Innersound but far from cloying or too warm. Plenty of control for the bass and plenty of what I would call delicacy on the mids and highs. They had absolutely no problems with the MLs on a variety of music at the frequency extremes. If they hadn't already been spoken for, I probably would have purchased them. I ended up with the VTLs instead (which were a bit pricier) but I could live with either of them for a long time (or forever). In fact, if you have found some and decide not to get them, PLEASE send me a mail...

I have a late model Counterpoint NPS400 (Fidelis model) amp that was upgraded by Michael Elliot 2 years ago. The NPM's are from the same period as the NPS400 so I have to believe the sonic qualities here are mighty close.

After trying ARC VT130 and Classic 150 amps with Maggie 3.5s, I tried the NPS400. The Counterpoint did not quite have the ultra harmonic richness of the VT130, but the Counterpoint's power output controlled the Maggies like the ARC amps never came close to doing. The NPS400/3.5 is a great match. The forwardness in the upper mids of the ARC amps is gone; the Counterpoint has a much more natural (at ease) presentation and no strain when the music hits higher peak levels. Tonal balance here is very much a flat line with no peaks or valleys which can be so annoying.

My desire has been to biamp the 3.5s but I was not successful to find another NPS400. And after hearing all the hoopla on the Wolcott amps, I tried these with the 3.5s. The Wolcotts control the 3.5s incredibly well like the NPS but I now have more of that VT130 tube magic AND with no loss of incredible bass extension. All that people had written about the Wolcotts was confirmed for me with the Maggies. So I will use these with the NPS to biamp the Maggies once I get a tube crossover.

Now that I have lived with the Wolcotts for a couple months, I will swap back to the NPS and quantify the differences between these two outstanding products. But I can tell you, the Counterpoint amps are a great value. I have not seen NPMs for quite some time but they sold a couple years ago for $3k. The NPS400 goes for right around $2k or so depending on upgrade status. My gut feeling is that the NPS200 would not be enough output to drive the Maggies. A realistic price for one of these would be in the $1300-1500 range.

If you are truly set on the NPMs, just be sure to read the Counterpoint ( website as there has been an issue raised about the NPMs that need a couple parts replaced.