Counterpoint NP-220 died:

What power amp should I use to fly my Egggleston Andra speakers?  I have had the SA-220 / NP-220 amp for years.  I listen for the emotion of music.  Any suggestions?

Try an Aesthetix Atlas. Hybrid amp with great sound and plenty of power like your Counterpoint
Check out the PS Audio BHK stereo and mono amps.  Hybrids with lots of power and excellent sound quality.
What’s your budget? That would help to narrow things down. Want tubes still (all tubes or hybrid?), or want to go over to ss?

Thanks for your responses.  I think I would like to stay with hybrid or go all tubes.  I'm a believer in how tubes shine an inner light into the recording and how the music sounds more emotional and realistic to me.  I have always afforded what ever I have needed to get the music to sing, however, great sound for lower cost is what makes it fun.  Under 5K is probably a starting point for me.


I concur on Aesthetix.  Happy Listening!
Kind of a beast of an amplifier and solid state, but this came to mind when I read your post. With a decent tubed pre, this should be phenomenal.  
SST Ampzilla 2000 2nd edition.... this is a cut out of a review, but I've heard the amp and have seen these type of statements in other reviews... worth looking at:
"  This is a game changing product.... I realized that the natural comparison for the solid-state Ampzilla 2nd Edition amplifiers is not to other solid-state amplifiers, but to vacuum tube amplifiers with their natural and lifelike sound. We take for granted the tubes’ wonderful harmonic depth and realistic presentation of voices and acoustic instruments, while accepting their almost universal weaknesses in the bass and upper treble. Eliminate those weaknesses, ... and you have the Second Edition Ampzillas"
I hope this helps,  Tim
I repair the Counterpoint amps, see my ad on eBay.  Send me a message and let me know the issue.
I've owned and upgraded variants of these for 17 years. NP220s can be very nice sounding amps depending on the level of upgrades so you may be disappointed with something else. Haven't heard the BHK amp, but it's worth checking out if you decided to go that way.

I'd try to get it fixed depending on what's wrong with it. Hopefully it's not a bad circuit board as there were problems with some of those.

There are very few schematics of these. It's a complicated circuit. Bigkids is your guy.

Good luck.