Counterpoint, Modwright, Aesthetix sound?

Hello folks,

How does the Counterpoint SA-5.1 perform in comparisson with the Aesthetix Calypso and Modwright 9.0 SWL Se?

I believe the Counterpoint 5.1 may still be the top?

05-31-14: Audioconnection
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Quicksilver V4 is now using KT150. How does it compare to Convergent, ARC, VAC ... in terms of sound quality and sonic characteristics?
I would get a Quicksilver, or at a higher price point an Art Audio Alana. Both are great preamps. I think the Alana has better definition and imaging. The Aesthetix is not really "warm".

None of the above are known for catching fire, so if you want to roast marshmallows, stick with Counterpoint.
I agree with you Jperry. I have heard Aesthetix at Johnny's a couple of times and it was on the Vandy 7's. Sounded just awesome. Also heard the AR stuff on them and they too sounded great. Two different sounds. Most could live with either.

The Quick is sold (now he has 2 sets of Proacs and the Quick Silver mono's to sell). It will be interesting since he can put KT 88's, 120's or 150's into the SilverMonos for those who need more and more power. I would love to hear the differences other than more power. The original amps sounded really great vs the AR stuff considering they were half the cost.
After reading threads and research, I'd stay away from any of the Counterpoint stuff. I have seen the prices for the modded out gear that fixes the problems, but for that cost, I can get new that sounds amazing or used from AR or Jadis that rocks too. JMHO. I have enjoyed the Aesthetix gear as I"ve posted in the past. Tubes are just an interesting breed as they always sound different in different amps. I'm just not into the tube rolling deal like so many are. Knock yourselves out. I think at this point in my life, I just want stable, easy to maintain equipment that sounds awesome and it's the price of a foreign sports car.
I am currently listening to the Quicksilver, (great preamp BTW), the Marsh b2000, also great, the Marantz AV8003, and Calypso. Recently auditioned ARC Ref 5 and 10, with my amp, and preferred the Calypso. The ARC preamps were superb, just a little less fleshed out. But, better separated and layered stage. Hard to fault, just taste preference. I also compared with the latest VTL, good but balanced a little warm...a beautiful warm though. Must match with your amp and cables.
The Calypso is just magical. Forgiving, yet revealing and accurate. A real keeper.