Counterpoint DA-11 - Genesis Dig. Lens - DA-10 Dac

Just wondering if anyone has tried the combination of using a Counterpoint DA-11 transport and the DA-10 Dac, both partnered with a Genesis Digital Lens.

I've listened to several digital setups in the $5,000.00 to $25,000.00 range and could still hear some high frequency shrill when listening to opera or piano. I am not sure if I am simply imagining the relatively better -- I suppose more analog and natural -- sound quality coming out of the much more humble Counterpoint-Digital Lens setup. These are relatively older components without any upgrades, so I would tend to think today's superior technology in chips and dacs would far surpass the seemingly outdated technology.

Thank you for your responses and pardon if my inquiry is loaded with contradictions, misunderstandings, or misperceptions on digital technology, as my primary source of listening is vinyl.
No, your not imagining the very good sound you are hearing...the old Counterpoint DAC, does have an "more analog and natural" sound quality. (I had one, until around two years ago).

Mine went to Japan when I sold it, they are in demand over there. The guy that bought mine said he would buy all he can find, and he does run "wanted" here on the GON from time to time still.

Dave is right on here.

I owned many DACs [DA-10, ARC DAC3, Electrocompaniet ECD1, Classe DAC1, VTL Ref, Manley Ref (still own this)]in the last 10 years and the one that I sold and regret more than anything else is the DA-10. It truly is that good. There was a natural and smooth presentation here that very few DACs seem to achieve. So hold onto what you have.

The Genesis makes an incredible difference too, especially to remove the smearing between the notes in the music. I used the Pioneer PD65 as a transport. And my attempts to hear differences between transports was unsuccessful. But the DACs were all significantly different from each other. Another thing to look into is a top digital cable or two.

Keep your eyes out for good deals on the Marigo Apparition 5 series and the Stealth Sextet.

Thank you guys. We are using a Transparent Reference Link 75ohm and a Nordost Silver Shadow for the Coax & SPDIF jacks.

Does anyone have any experience with the Counterpoint DA-11.5 CD transport and care to share? I found one locally by me for $650 with a new laser. I'm hoping to pair this transport with a McCormack DAC-1 or an Audio Alchemy DDE v3 & a AA DTI Pro32. Thanks in advance.
Hi fellow Audiogoners,

I also wonder how you rate the performance of the DA-11 and DA-10 if you compare them to the modern units? I'm a vinly person and my primary investment is to the analog. I'm searching for a SA_5.1 and maybe a SA-2 for the phono side, so why not more Counterpoints for the digital side?


Dave and John are correct, these are excellent and can be brought up to higher standards or repaired (if necessary) through Mike at Alta Vista Audio.

The Manley Ref, Museatex Bidats also excellent, funny how these flew under the radar after all these years.
I have found a DA-10 and DA-11 for sale local to me and I'm considering buying one or both pieces. Would the great sound be lost by using JUST the DA-11 straight into a mid-grade receiver's optical port?

In other words, is the richness coming from the quality of the CD Transport or the quality of the Counterpoint DAC?

I can probably pick up the pair for around $800. Good deal?

And, this is a really old unit by now. Aren't there any BETTER CD Transports / DACs on the market by now or is this still a great bang for the buck? I struggle to think that 10 year old technology is better than some of the gear that's on the market today.
The standard DAC was around $1,800 (it sounded pretty good), and the upgraded DAC with the Ultra Analog DAC card "option" was another $1,500 or so (it sounded even better).

Other upgrades followed in the years after Counterpoint went under.....I know nothing about the sound of these.

I had the upgraded original model with the Ultra Analog card. I paid $500 for it, used it for a few years...and sold it for $500 to someone in Japan around 3-4 years ago.

I don't really know anything about the DA-11 transport.....I had a Kinergetics transport at the time.