Counterpoint Da-10 /ultra analog good ?

Is this DAC good ?
I had Counterpoint gear for a couple of years and I wouldn't own it again if you paid me. It's fragile and only pretty good sounding. Besides they are out of business and I think Alta Vista only provides support for the amps and pre. Not sure though...
I own the Da10 and am currently awaiting Michael Elliot's new 24/96 upgrade for it, which is due out in a couple weeks. It is a very good sounding DA converter as is. I have had it for 4 years, compared it to many others, and am quite convinced it holds it's own, even with the real expensive ones. You can pick a used one up for a song and it will probably be real difficult to outdo it at current market prices. Good luck!
Ohh, go to for more info
I have owned a DA-10 with Untra Analog card for severy years and find it to outperform many DACs twice its price. It is very smooth yet detailed and very musical. Michael Elliot founder of Counterpoint does services all Counterpoint equipment.