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I was just informed that Mike has stopped all business because of health reasons. The Alta Vista Website confirms this. I know some of you may have had some issues dealing with Mike in the past but Mike was always a professional to me and accommodating to all of my dumb questions. I learned so much from his designs and I know that they were way ahead of their time. I just finished modifying an SA-5000 for a few audiophiles based on the information provided on the Alta Vista Audio website and they sound excellent. I still own the current version of the NP-220 power amp.

Well my thoughts and prayers go out to Mike and his family.

Thanks Mike for everything.
Oh No!!! So sorry to hear that.
Mike Elliott was one of the several people who sparked my interest in DIY and mods. I have learnt a lot from this eccentric genius over the years.
I was also fortunate enough to meet many fellow audiophiles around the world who are into Counterpoint and Aria amps, not to mention having the pleasure of meeting several friendly audiogon members here in the Bay Area and have fun with NP tweaks and repairs.
I wish Mike all the best and a speedy recovery whatever his ailment is.
I hope between Bigkidz and myself we have enough knowledge base for NP power amps to support the existing fan base.
Yes I've learn many things from reading his work. Here is some more information about his business closure.
I hope Mike fully recovers from his condition, he's a real genius in his field
and knows well how to lay out circuit designs that sound very musical.

I've owned many of his preamps, and met a very good friend along the way
because of it (you know who OP)
According to this blog it sounds as if Mike's technical help had health problems, not Mike himself. It reads like Mike just doesn't want to be bothered training another tech at this point in his life.
I wish Dai all the best and hope he gets better.
Thanks for the clarification John, I read the blog after posting.
Adios Mike,your a good man and best of luck in your new venture,Bob
My mistake on jumping the gun on Mike's health. He is alive and doing well.

I emailed Mike and he will put my contact information on the Alta Vista Website for Counterpoint repairs and upgrades. If you need any service, feel free to contact me to discuss your particular needs.

I recently upgraded two SA-5000s preamps and they sounded fantastic, much better than the stock units (since I had the two at the same time, I was able to compare each upgrade performed to determine the outcome) and actually heard the differences.

Beides Counterpoint products, I am available to repair or modify all audio components CD Players, preamps, amps, DACs, etc.

Happy Listening.
I have send an email to Mike. I know technicans that lost its job due to the current financial situation.

Some of them have over 40 years in repairing hifi eletronics. Therefore, training another technican can be done within half a year or less.

It appears that just an oncoming message comes back and Mike is not responding on his email address.

If it is in his decision to give up ,okay, but it is not necessary hence I know some guys who can do the job without training or overpaying them too much.

I would be glad if anyone does have a working email. I could just let him know the addresses.
Anyone have an update on Mike Elliott?
Happily retired.
Will other technician(s) take over the repairment of Counterpoint gear?
01-04-13: Jafant
Will other technician(s) take over the repairment of Counterpoint gear?

Well Peter (Bigkidz) has stepped up for one, earlier in this thread.
@Bigkidz Will you ship to Europe? Can you convert a SA20 or Sa220 to NP220?
Did bigkidz answer stefanovitch's question?
Also, did any of you NP220 mod owners and Aria WV5XKL preamp ever manage to get service manuals? the e mail address they provided on the website, doesn't reply.
Last but not least; do you know the specs for the NP220 fuses? amperage and slow or fast burn?
Buy service manuals / schematics from Catherine Weber per the website. I bought mine.
If you want to contact Johnsonwu or myself go to the Alta Vista Audio website and email me directly for repairs, etc. I will provide any help I can for repairing any of your Counterpoint components. I will consider shipping to Europe if you prefer.
For a service manual in pdf format they ask 80$! Isn't it a little high fee?
Thanks! for sharing. There are many fans of Counterpoint gear out there that will need a continuance of service/parts...etc.
Hello Bigkidz.
I've a SA-5000 for several years. I recently opened the case to clean for dust, with a brush and by blowing air. I've also cleaned the pins of tubes and sockets with an electronic contact spray cleaner. Now i hear a loud whiff or blow on both the channels using phono input (MM). I exchanged the tubes but it doesn't go away. I suspect that it is a problem from power supply, where is the only tube I didn't change. I was attracted from some kind of upgrade, but now i have to repair it, before. Do you have the service manual of the SA-5000? Or can you help me to find it or with any other suggestion? Thanks in advance, Luca
contact me through the Alta Vista Audio website. I have the manual
Ill never sell my Solid 1 E I love it
I'm late to the party. I have a Counterpoint amp, originally SA 20 upgraded before I bought it to NP220 and I had this work done by Mike:Upgrade Basic Board to Premium Board, Upgrade remainder of amp to Gold level, Vanden Hul wiring, new Nichicon caps, I had already upgraded the transformer.

Unfortunately I didn't save any further documentation of the upgrades. If anyone can tell me where that might be, I'd appreciate it. Also, I'd be interested in what are replacement tubes. O haven't done any such, but I'm going on 10 years since the last upgrade.
I assume the transformer is a Plitron? Was the choke also changed out to a Plitron choke? I would have to look at the website to see what resistors were replaced. What output caps are in the amp now? Depending on the sound, V-Caps can be added (copper versions) to make the amp have more resolution and a little sweeter depending on the caps in there now. Go to the Alta Vista Audio website and send me an email directly. Peter
I can also add tube regulator to improve bass also.
Thanks for the response, I can't access the Alta Vista Audio website. It appears to have vanished. So I don't know more than I put in the tread. I thought I copied the descriptions, but I can find where I put them if I did.

The transformer is a Plitron and the choke also I believe.
I use the amp for midrange in a Linkwitz Orion setup. The Woofers are driven by an Emotiva XPA 5, FWIW.
Hmm it is gone. I guess Mike finally closed it down. Send me a message directly with your email.
FYI - I can fix, rebuild, modify any component or build something to your liking. If you want to ship something overseas, I can do that for you also. For most of the SA-20 / SA-220 amps, the mosfets burn out and I typically install bipolar transistors. I think they sound better than the mosfets and I think the amps sound better than the original NP amps that Mike designed. I have compared them directly now that I get them into repair. I also add a few additional modifications that I use in my own designs. My prices are about half of what Alta Vista charged.

Send me a message though Agon if you need to contact me. The Alta Vista website seems to be gone.
Any quality repair technician working on counterpoint products?
There are a few people doing repairs and modifications. I am in New Jersey so if that is convenient for you let me know, if not let me know. Don't post here, send me a message through Audiogon messaging.
Dear friends, I have a pre-amplifier Counterpoint SA-5000, I got it in 1993 and it has been damaged once, it repaired in a technical workshop but they took 3 valves and put new circuits. After the repair the sound of the preamplifier is no longer the same. I know a Audio technical service that would rebuild it, but I can not find the electronic schematics. You know where I could find them?
Big kids,
where are you located.
I have the schematics and I have serviced no less than 5 of them.
Most of them have failures like popping caps, rustling plate resistors, blown rectifier 6CA4 and blown Zeners.
Why would anyone take out 3 valves?  I assume they are the 12AX7 error amp and the 6922 pass element in the regulator section.
If thats the case then the preamp is no longer B+ regulated and you might as well use a Chinese preamp.
The SA-5000, unlike the 3000 and 2000, is a bit tough to service due to the floating chassis and the rather delicate regulator section.
Good luck finding someone to rebuild it.  IMO you might want to find a used unit on Ebay rather than trying to rebuild a butchered unit.
I have an SA-5 whose regulator got wiped out when the 200V caps blew.  Several resistors are burned beyond recognition and the PCB silk screen is unreadable after cleaning all the gunk off the board.  Does anyone have a board layout diagram or even a sketch with R#'s.  I have a schematic, but tracing out the physical circuit is not particularly easy.  Would vastly prefer to just re-stuff the board from a layout diagram.
Some pictures of SA-5.1, don't know its help?
Does anyone have service manual/schematic of sa-5000? I could not find one in the web. I can pay for it. 
You can contact me or Johnson Wu for Counterpoint info.  I also have an ad on eBay for Counterpoint repairs.  I do have the license to upgrade the amp boards form the 6DJ8 design to the 6SN7 design.
I am in New Jersey.  Johnson is in CA.
Happy Listening.
Hey bigkidz, we own a Counterpoint SA1280 and SA2000 amp and preamp that need repairs.  We live in NYC. Is there a way to contact you directly?  I tried to find you on ebay, but could not locate you there and the Alta Vista site is closed down.  Thank you. 
I have the license to convert the Counterpoint power amplifiers to the newer upgraded 6SN7 boards if anyone is interested.