Counterpoint 5000 -How good in it's day/now

I am somebody who runs contrary to the ultimate goal straaight wire with gain".Want a control center that "controls" and don't remeber if the Counterpoint pre's were hybrids or strictkly tubes ( have heard time and again tubes are ebtter in line stage with increasing voltage but SS get's nod for bass and not rolling off high end).
The Counterpoint certainly have the switchesyet I am told tht Alta Vista (old owners new company) not only replace old dried out caps.,beter coimponents like diodes but in many cases DISCONNECT these features as the thought being they aren't worth the noise.But if I were designing a company now I'd like to have those feature up front especially for those who want to swap cartidges with a multi arm,multi head, or like with my VPI tubes for a different cartridges without ir taking 15-30 minutes.One big strike is Alta Vista charges frightfully high prices for it's work and just not sure how it met the competition back in the day and now if anybody is knowlegable about what they do and how it stcks up."Modern" dosen't automatically mean great especially when I see how many small amp companies tout going back to a particular vintage circut design.Hoping I can get some infoprmed feedback .
Dont have any infoprmed feedback,but I have had/have 2 of their preamps and 3 of their amps and the build and design quality is first-rate.Had a 3000 in 1989[new] and just had the new mods done in the last year [2004], and 2001,to both amp and preamp , and have been happy with the purchases and performance every time.3500$ to gut an amp or preamp and replace with premium parts and labor doesnt strike me as frightfully high compared to what I see these days,but you know where thats at.YMMV as usual,Bob
Hi Chazzbo, I have an SA3000 with all the modifications offered by Alta Vista Audio (Michael Elliott). Power supply, Phono stage with stepups, and the linestage.In my system it beat out my other preamps Lamm LL2, Wytech Opal and EMM Labs SWM3 in practically every respect including dynamic musical presentation. To boot the phono stage is incredible and accomodates both MM and MC cartridges. I am presently using a .24mv MC right now with no problems and have also got my Grado 78 cartridge attached in the MM input. With a flip of a switch on the back I go from one to the other. The upgrades were expensive but IMO worthwhile. I remember comparing the stock SA3000 phonostage to an Accoustech PH-1P and again I preferred the SA3000.
I have a stock SA-5000 with better tubes and a Shunyata on the external power supply.
Won't say what it "sounds better than" but I owned and heard a lot of top-flight preamps.
The SA-5000 stays put on my rack shelf (till I hear something substantially better)
So yeah, it holds its own quite well in the world of newer. have a friggin classic