Counterfit Telefunken Tube?

I recently bought 2 Telefunken tubes and after waiting in great anticipation, the tubes finally arrived. One tube is clearly labeled Telefunken (I know labels can not be trusted) and also has the trademark "diamond" shape at the bottome of the tube. The other tube's label is half rubbed off, but more importantly I am not convined there is a 'diamond' shape on the bottom of the tube. One can ALMOST make out a diamond shape, but I was under the impression the diamond should be plain as day. Is there anyone tube experts out there willing to look at some pictures and help me decide if this is a genuine Telefunken tube?

Thanks in advance.

Sure, post them. there's some distinguishing characteristics. Sometimes the diamond isnt' really clear, and sometimes (rarely I think) not present at all. more importantly how do they sound?

It is my understanding that later day Telefunkens don't have the diamond on the base. A few years ago I bought 4 from a very reputable dealer and they didn't have the diamonds and thats what I was told.
Thanks Ed...I will post soon. I just popped them in, and I like what I hear so far. The soundstage is wider and more focused. My sweet spot is back. I don't want to prematurley judge them since I just realized last night the Siemens set I had in were bad. My highs were crackly and screachy. Made my metal dome tweakers sound like metal. I have some Amprex and Sovteks I want to compare with the Telefunken.

Rec: not sure to be honest. I'm a neb with tubes, but the one thing I have learned so far, is never say never.