Could you tell me about the accoustic satori

Cardas golden ref. or satori shotgun
How would you compare .
I do have a rowland 8hitc and ARref 2 mk2 on avalon
Don t really know where to go for cables.
I use a kimber bifocal for now.
Please. thanks
How do you feel about the sound you are getting now? Is it a little bright in the area of 3K to 5K ? If so pick the Cardas, if not pick the Satori. I'm a dealer for Acoutic Zen and I can say they are very clean and fast and resolving. The Cardas on the other hand is known for a "Golden Color" which is a derease in energy in the above stated area.

Steve Lyde
The Music Shop
I have listened to them, all even the famous Nordost Valhalla, which for me was the revelation, until I discovered HMS and its budget price. The Grand Finale is clearly up to par with the best cables, but for a much lower price. I will not hide the fact that I have become a dealer of HMS, one of world's finest cables.
This cables is worthy of being introduced in the US. In the moment it is THE cable over in Germany.

Christian Brouwer
Dealer of some of the world's finest cables
odiomuse: i own a rowland 8ti (factory modified) and avalon eidolons. i've tried numerous cables and have found tara "the one" to offer the best presentation. great soundstage width and depth, controlled bass, crystalline mids, superior PRaT. in short , "the one" does it all in my setup. i also use "the one" ic's (6 meters) between my pre (boulder 1012) and amp and a matching pc on the pre. FWIW, i've previously used cardas neutral reference and golden ref. in my system; both of these products sounded quite colored and anemic next to "the one." -cfb