Could you tell me about the accoustic satori

Cardas golden ref. or satori shotgun
How would you compare .
I do have a rowland 8hitc and ARref 2 mk2 on avalon
Don t really know where to go for cables.
I use a kimber bifocal for now.
Please. thanks

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odiomuse: i own a rowland 8ti (factory modified) and avalon eidolons. i've tried numerous cables and have found tara "the one" to offer the best presentation. great soundstage width and depth, controlled bass, crystalline mids, superior PRaT. in short , "the one" does it all in my setup. i also use "the one" ic's (6 meters) between my pre (boulder 1012) and amp and a matching pc on the pre. FWIW, i've previously used cardas neutral reference and golden ref. in my system; both of these products sounded quite colored and anemic next to "the one." -cfb