Could you imagine?

I was over at ebay and see that a quad GEC Gold Lion kt88 fetches over $500 there. Can you imagine finding in some old TV Radio shop old cases of them? Say a cellar with 10,000 tubes. We are talking a Million three. As wild as that may be, there is probably somewhere in this world a cellar full of Gold Lions.......gathering dust....
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Let's set up an A'gon expedition to find said cellar..!

Won't a KT88 glut bring down prices though? Maybe we should revert to creating technical shortages... Who's taking on the role of World Sales VP when we find the cellar?
I have a hard time imagining $500 for a kt88, but then I never got the Beanie Baby thing either.
Visions of sugarplum faries dancing etc??
I'll get Laura Croft on it tout sweet. As you can tell spelling French/ and me don't go together.