could use some good advice on turntables..

Novice could use suggestions on 'good value for the money' turntables for $500 to $1,000-ish. What makes and models to consider and what to avoid. Rega? Music Hall? Vpi? Basis 1400? etc.

What should one look for in a turnable and cartride for that matter ? Using BAT electronics for what thats worth. Thanks ........
The Project by Sumiko (or imported by Sumiko) is an excellent value. It lists around $1000, that's with the arm, but no cartridge. The table I think is really providing value right now is the VPI scout, but it is a bit above your price, and unlikely to find one used, since it's a new model. I don't have very much familiarity with the Rega or Music Hall, I'm sure others will comment on those.
Actually, the Scout is just about the same price as the 1400. I've not heard either one, but if I were in the market for a new table in that price range, both would be on a very short list. There may be a bit of a wait on the Scout, though- rumor has it that VPI is about 6 months behind production on that model. Probably worth the wait...