Could use a recomendation for a DJ table FOR AUDIO


I have credit at Guitar Center. I have a ton of records, classical, world and classic rock, but I have no turntable. I could use some help sorting through the DJ tables that also make for a good stereo component. I have read here and elsewhere that the venerated Technics 1200 series is good. They have it, but they also have some of the competition. I have no clue which is best or even good. If you have any input, I would appreciate it. I will not be able to listen first and I have to get one over the next couple of days. Thanks!!!

They also have some of Technics competitors:

Stanton (

and Numark:

and Vestax
As far as I know, the majority of DJs use Technics. Combined with the availability of reasonably priced audiophile modifications for the Technics, the decision seems like a no-brainer.

When you bring home the Technics and set it up, you'll feel confident about your decision, IMO.
I believe of those choices the Technics is the one, especially in light of the above comment re: KAB upgrades available to it.
Not to mention the resale value of the 1200. You can keep it for 5 years and get almost what you paid for it. I use mine to scratch Blue Note first pressings.
Definitely go with the Technics. One of those other tables might be a sleeper with a great sound and design, but the SL-1200 is a definite. You get an incredible amount of value in this turntable because the success of that particular model has allowed Technics to offset the immense cost of R&D that went into it. Economies of scale are on your side!
Early this year I decided to get an entry-level turntable in the $400-600 range. After considering the usual audiophile-approved entry-level belt drive suspects, and reading as much as I could find here and elsewhere on the 'net, I bought a Technics SL1210 M5G ... at (ta-da) ... Guitar Center!

I chose the M5G over the standard model for its upgraded tonearm wiring and interconnects, and really attractive metallic black plinth.

I never regretted or second-guessed my decision as I have derived great musical pleasure from this rig from the moment I started listening to it, though careful listening and tweaking kept improving its performance.

Ten months later, I have tweaked/upgraded to screw-in brass cone feet, a sorbothane+mesh combination mat, Sumiko headshell and Denon DL-160 cart, and the KAB fluid damper and record clamp.

Lemme tell you, this rig does not sound "entry-level" now. Compelling and musically involving would be a more apt description.