Could tube rectifier make have impact on sound

I have Jadis DPMC tube phonostage with EL84 rectifier from Sovtek. I use 4 ECC83/12AX7 in RIIA stage from Mullard 1964 which is in my flavour.
Could I improve sound by changing tube rectifier?

BTW phonostage is heavily modified with Cardas internal wiring, Mundorf Silver/Oil capacitors, TDK volume potentiometer, Vishay Bulk foil resistors in RIIA.

Any experience/thoughts would be much apreciated.

Many Thanks!
The EL84 and EF86 must be part of the voltage regulator.Maybe somebody that has your unit will have tube rolling ideas for those tubes.It sounds like a nice unit.

I have a lot of experience rolling tubes in Aesthetix, CAT, Manley and Aria gear with 12ax7, 6922, 12au7, but not the EL84 until I got a Counterpoint SA-2 MC head amp. It had a Sovtek tube in this socket. I tried the Tele EL84 and was vey disappointed. The Mullard too was a disappointment. But when I tried a Valvo, it was magnificent. I was not surprised as Valvo and Amperex have continued to be the winners for me in the 6922 and E182CC tube types.

It's amazing how much a change in a power supply tube can be in terms of dynamics and clarity.

You can easily get one or 2 of these tubes on ebay for $20-30. They might not be new but they could easily last you a couple years and the improvement in performance will truly take you by surprise. It's a killer value.

EL84 is not a rectifier tube, it is a pentode power tube.

John C.
In the Jadis,the EL84 appears to be part of the regulator circuit.
Thanks for your response. I´m not familiar with DPMC in terms of design/diagram (which I don´t have).
To clarify, power supply (as far as I can see) is a combination of EL84 & EF86 (Svetlana screened for low noise). I also have a volume potentiometer on DPMC for regulating voltage on output.
So yes Hifitime, you seem to know about DPMC or how El84 works.
EL84/EF86 also have to act as a rectifer, cause I only have a bridge diod for rectifying 12 volt DC.
Finally, could sound improve by changing these tubes (or one of them).

Many thanks and have a nice audio weekend!
I have noticed changes in sound when rolling both rectifier and regulator tubes. My Supratek Chenin came with Sovtek 5AR4s, but now I have settled on a Mullard GZ33 as the best for my system. Also I have experimented wth dfferent regulator tubes (Sovtek "5881", NOS Tung-Sol 5881 and Sovtek KT-66) and have settled on the Sovtek KT-66. The combo of the GZ33 and KT-66 is just right for my tastes.
Hi Ait.
I just ordered an EL86-Telefunken NOS from sixties.
Tube is part of a regulating circuit.
Sovtek EL84 is original tube but 86 has higher voltage after regulating which can be an advantage apart from what Telefunken is known for soundwise.
Looking Forward!

Many Thanks!