Could someone suggest a decent audiophile cartrige for a Technics dj TT?

It was given to me and want to set it up to listen to music. It's a technics SL-1200 MD3. Seems like a well built table. It has a Ortofon Pro S Concorde on it now. Sounds ok but I'm not a scratcher.
Need a headshell too. would like to keep it under 400.00.Thanks, Jim

Try a Denon DL 103. It is, however a moving coil cartridge, and would require an SUT (step up transformer), or a phono preamplifier with the proper amount of gain for the 103. LP Gear has good reasonably priced headshells available.

If you must stay with moving magnet or high output cartridges, try a search on A'gon for information.

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If you don't care about tonearm and cartridge matching at all then you can use DL-103 for the worst result ever on Technics lightweight tonearm. It's been said million times that DL-103 designed for HEAVY TONEARM, that mean HIGH EFFECTIVE MASS, no matter with headshell you're using, the DL-103 is LOW COMPLIANCE cartridge.

The basic rule is to avoid Low Compliance cartridges on Lightweight toenarm!

Technics tonearm is low effective mass and works fine ONLY with MID or HIGH COMPLIANCE cartridges. It was designed for MM cartridges, not for the MC. 

To make your life easier look for MM or MI cartridges with MID COMPLIANCE or HIGH COMPLIANCE (in this case add KAB fluid damper). Audio-Technica MM cartridges are great and not expensive (AT-ML150), Grado MI cartridges works fine with this tonearm, Ortofon M20FL and Garrott P77 are great, Stanton 881s mk2 (Stereohedron) is very good. Grace F-9 cartridges are great. 
@gshepardbuster @mofimadness

That’s fine, but the AT-ML150 OCC if from the 80’s and quite different from the current AT150MLX :) That vintage AT-ML series belog to the very best AT cartridges ever made (IMO), the AT-ML170 and AT-ML180 were the last top models in that series of truly High-End MM cartridges.
I recently got a Nagaoka MP110 for my Sl1200mk2 (I have about ten cartridges for this tt) and the Ortofon standard SH-4 headshell and it is an excellent tracker and well balanced across the board. Lots of detail and depth but with punch and bass; my AT are wonderful but a bit light in the bass at times. My Prestige grades are great in the bass but a bit rolled off on the top end. The Nagaoka is just right. And I paid about $129 for it and I think the Ortofon SH4 is $35 on amazon. Great combo, just be sure you align it optimally and it will sing sing sing.
"  If you don't care about tonearm and cartridge matching at all then you can use DL-103 for the worst result ever on Technics lightweight tonearm.  "

I have used this DL-103 on a Technics SL-1200 MK 2 and its currently on a VPI with Moerch Tonearm with very good results.

+1 Nagaoka MP 110. I've tried all  the usual  suspects and there is no better buy in audio .
Plus it takes a  MP 150 stylus which will give any sane person all they need .
@addyson815 You can use hi-fi test record to measure the actual resonance frequency of your tonearm and cartridge. When you are using low compliance cartridge on lightweight tonearm the resonance frequency is way out of the desirable range. Simply read here. Not sure if you ever tried your Denon 103 on a proper high mass arm, maybe you can explain why you prefer lightweight or mid mass tonearms for a cartridge with compliance as low as 5cu @ 100Hz?  
We use a Grado Gold on our older Technics SL1200 which we use in our mastering lab to listen to cuts we've made on the lathe. I've yet to see it mistrack.
Another Grado user here (on a KAB SL1210 M5G w/fluid damper).
Grado Black stylus replaced w/8MZ .
Tracks well and sounds pretty good too.
I also use Grado cartridges on SL1200mk2 when i play vintage vinyl in the clubs and bars, but for audiophile sessions AT-ML series (starts from AT-ML150 OCC VM MM and higher to the rarest AT-ML170 and AT-ML180 OFC from the 80’s) are much better overall performers even compared to Grado Signature. Another amazing cartridge for Technics stock tonearm is Technics EPC-205c mk4 if you can find one without suspenssion issue (very rare). The cheapest and good one could be Stanton 881s mk2 or higher and more expensive 981 model.