could someone recommend some good acoustic music

in which to test klipsch speakers? I've read several post that tell of a harshness with horn speakers when it comes to acoustic music. Either you'll like them or you won't. I've only heard them during home theater use, so before I buy I'd like to hear how they sound with something that brings out their weakness (in some people's opinion) I go for more H/T, but my better half is more into music.
Try Nickel Creek.
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"
Pick up some David Grisman from his label Acoustic Disc. Great music and outstanding recording quality.
If you need something on CD, get the Opus 3 label's "Test CD 4" -- it is an outstanding collection from a number of their acoustic recordings with a mixture of classical, jazz and "popular" music.

Opus 3's classic "Depth of Image" LP (nla) continues to my preferred all-in-one tool to determine everything I need to know about how well a system can accurately reproduce acoustic music.

See the Opus 3 website:

Available from Music Direct:
Eric Clapton "Unplugged"
eva cassidy, that smokey voiced siren will test with her voice also....... good listening, j
Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I'm sure these will expand my musical horizons since I like all types of music, but never know what to listen to or whats considered good if I've never really listened to a paticular type of music.
Gotta have a referrence point.
Which Klipsch are you testing? I've got La Scalas and Forte II's and love both. The La Scala's certainly have the edge with a more natural, full and rounded bass. The bigger horns also do nicely at balancing out vocals and acoustics, whereas my Forte's can sound harsh in comparison. But without anything to compare directly to I'd still enjoy the sound of either (I guess that makes me one of those who'd " it..."). I sure hope your using them with tubes, as tubes and horns are a match made in heaven! Anyway, to your question: If you really want to challenge the 'harshness' of the horn sound on your Klipsch's try Patty Griffin, either "1000 Kisses", or "Living with Ghosts". Both are wonderful acoustic CD's and Patty's voice is powerful and remarkable, but can tend to sound quite harsh and will really test your system for weakness there. There are numerous acoustic CD's to really show off tube/horn combo. The suggestion of Eva Cassidy is a good one. I'll go out on a limb here and give you one that I bet not a lot of folks know much about: Deb Talon..."Something Burning" Patty Griffin a kind of folksy-blues, female vocalist with a guitar (great guitar playing, HDCD recording). Anything by Patricia Barber if you like Jazz vocals. And the list goes on! Good luck auditioning!!
The two Wood and Steel CD's. All acoustic guitars from various artists. Great recording job too.
L. Kottke/Clone CD. It's incredible.
if you are at all into folky / country type stuff check out Gillian Welch's new cd (Time the Revelator) - probably the cd that has most been in my player this year. Songs are great, and love Gillian's voice, but accoustic guitar is the star of the disk.
I second eric clapton 'unplugged' in fact I just listened to this tonight!
Pierre Bensusan 'Solilai' (CBS) is a classic.

Suzi Katz (ESD 80642) the tunes are not as consistent, but I like to use it as a reference because its a great recording and her voice can strike you as fair, good, or simply amazing depending on the system used. Features Steve Tibbetts and Marc Anderson of ECM fame. Track #8 'The People' is amazing.
"Blue Country Heart" by Jorma Kaukonen on SONY SACD. If the system has a trace of hardness or edge this disk will reveal it. I like the musicianship and songs also. Don't know if there is a CD version but this should be easy to find out.
Norah Jones - daughter gave to me for xmas - nice sonics stand up bass and great voice...
A Shout Toward Noon/Leo Kottke. Maybe hard to find but your search will be worth it.

I agree with Pops-Norah Jones. What a talent. Not sure about the CD but very good on vinyl.

If you want an easy-to-find, newer release, try Alison Krause and Union Station's new double live CD. Don't be scared off by the fact that it's a live performance--it is a superb recording. If you haven't heard Alison Krause, it would be a good introduction to one of the best female vocalists anywhere. She also has a great band, especially Jerry Douglas on dobro.

Of course, you can't go wrong with Joni Mitchell's "Blue."

This is a bit of a leap as I heard this for the first time last night, but check out Brian Bromberg's "Wood". Bromberg is outstanding in these solo, duo and trio jazz arrangements of upright bass backed by piano and drums. The recording quality on first listen seemed good.

Bromberg's energetic style wrings just about everything possible out of an upright bass from the top to the bottom. The other performers were also up to the task making for a quite entertaining listen.

BTW, we also sampled Bromberg's "Jaco". It is dedicated to Jaco Pastorius and showcases Bromberg playing acoustic and electric bass. Also a quite good release, though my preference was more to "Wood."
Soundtrack to "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" has some great tracks for putting a system through its paces.