could someone help with this composition

hi,im trying to find out a classical composition.i think its Wagner but not sure,the piece is played in the helicopter scene in Apocalypse Now.thanks for your help
Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries"
Ride of the Valkries by Wagner, Don
It is from "Die Walküre".
If you are looking for a good cd of this, I would recommend "Wagner, Orchestral Music" James Levine and The Met Orchestra. Deutsche Grammophon 447 764-2.

Die Walkure and other selected Wagner preludes and overtures.

What's up with Wagner? It's the "Kill the Rabbit" theme from "What's Opera Doc?"
I have a really dynamic version of this piece. It's on a Telarc CD (CD-80154) DER,,RING"OHNE WORTE
The"RING"Without Words
Lorin Maazel, Berlin Philharmoniker

I have the double CD sound track to Apocalypse Now also. The Telarc whoops it....