Could someone explain the Pass Aleph 3??

Hi all. I'm learning and learning, but there's still something I just don't get. How can an Aleph 3, with only 30wpc, power the mains in a home theater system? What will an explosion sound like in the Matrix (yes, I'll admit, I like it loud, I like to 'feel' those explosions!) with only 30wpc? I plan on having a separate 3ch amp for the center and rears. Can I buy the Aleph 3 and use it for music (sometimes loud dance music, with big bass peaks) and for movies and still get good effects? For about $1100-$1200, seems like the best amp for the $$ in my range, but am nervous about the very low power. Someone please educate me!
Depends on the the speaker's efficiency, size of your room, damping in your room. You don't give enough information. If you have horn speakers (Klipsch) you can probably get away with 30 watts and be more than satisfied. Most probably for your application and your tastes (LOUD) you will probably want more power.
Hi Baz; I've never thought of the Aleph 3 as a HT amp, ie it's a finesse, audiophile amp. From what you say about your needs/wants, go for an amp with some serious horse power; 200+ wpc into 8 ohms, 400 into 4 ohms, 800 into 2 ohms. The Aleph 3 was not made for reproducing "explosions". IMHO.
--- for the $$ you mention, you should be able to find a McCormack DNA-1 (185 wpc, 8 ohms & 370, 4 ohms) or Aragon 4004 0r 8008 with slightly higher wpc. There are others, but these are both Stereophile class B amps, and should power your HT mains with aplomb, while still sounding very good with music. Also Adcom 5802, at 300 wpc + is Stph. class B, and there are comparable Rotel and Parasound amps in this price/power range.
Hi, I agree with Garfish, the McCormack amp will work great and will be great with music. I own a McCormack DNA-2 and love this amp. The McCormack have great bass defination and as close to tube sound as you can get with solid state.
I own an Aleph 3 and I can tell you that it doesn't play loud. I personally don't care because it plays loud enough for me. With my system 91 db speakers it will play to about 90 db without distortion, in a large room, which is not that loud (definately loud enough to annoy everyone in the house) What you will get with the Aleph 3 is sound that the McCormack or most amps for that matter can't compare to. Buy one used and try it for yourself. I'd bet you would be willing to trade the last bit of loudness for the lovely sound that you get with the Aleph 3.