could someone compare krell vs. classe audio ?

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compare krell vs. classe audio ?
My opinion since I am using older Classe' gear is to go with the older DR series.
I can vouch for the reliability of my 15 year old Classe DR 8 amps run in mono.They are working just fine and sound as good as most of the more expensive solid state out there. Not looking to change since I've had these. I've had plenty of tube and solid state amps these are keepers.
Mapleleafs3, lighten up, dude! You've been a member here for one month, no threads initiated, no feedback, and your multiple posts sound like regurgitated dogma! In addition, some of your comments are abrasive and border on obnoxious. Agon long timers have seen newbie "flash-in-the-pans" come and then vanish, shortly after engaging in their personal "mission" known only to themselves. Hopefully, you won't be one of these.

Personally, I do happen to agree with your opinion about Rouge amps and Coincident speakers. But some of your other comments are way WAY off base.
Krell and Classe are both high quality manufacturers but have distinctly different sounds.

People who like forceful dramatic bass and a more in your face presentation are Krell fans.

The Classe house sound is smooth in nature and does also have a oomph in bass though not as much.

Note that I am an owner of an all Classe stereo so I am more biased to the Classe sound.
I own a Krell KSA 250. Built around 1991 and built like a tank.
Has played flawlessly. Not sure if todays Amps will peform for the long run as well as this Amp.

The heat from the unit also doubles as a space heater.

I am sorry to say that I have not compared the Krell directly to Classe.
I have heard the Amp and read many good things about the Classe Equipment.