Could my A-gon brothers please....

suggest a suitable indoor antenna for the Marantz 10b tuner? Many Thanks!
Go to They're a respected antenna company. Their website contains all manner of antennae with pictures and specs. I use the AF-1,also known as the AM/FM Q. It's about fifty bucks, six inches square, amplified, tunable, and sits on my rack right beside the tuner. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think it looks way cool. If you need, something more substantial due to your location or building construction, they have other items you can put in your attic or on a wall. I don't have a local dealer so I bought mine mail order at J&R in New York City. Their site is if you're interested.
HOw much are you willing to spend? Attic or living area? WAF important?
Hello Swampwalker, the antenna would have to be confined to the living area, at least for now. The WAF is not a critical factor, and neither is cost (within reason, of course). Best!
Magnum Dynalab makes a pretty expensive indoor antenna and a tuning box; check their web site. They also have the ST-2 which is an omni-directional whip.
I'm using a Magnum Dynalab ST-2 and love it. Just bolt it to a wall. You don't even have to aim the darn thing either.
I had no luck with an ST-2, found I could beat it by thumb-tacking a folded dipole to the drywall just above a window. Depends on a lot of factors, of course. Dave
Take a look at Godar Electronics. Do a search here or over at audio asylum(radio board)...they seem to be pretty well thought of. NPR (national public radio) seems to have a coathanger-looking thing that AA folks also seem to like. Do a search here on A-gon for "FM antenna"...I posted links to both sites about a week or so back.
Before you try anything fancy, try a large dipole tacked on the wall and see where that gets you.
Thanks one and all for your responses so far. I appreciate them!