Could members adopt a wounded soldier????

Hey all,
I read a post a while back about a woman who was brutally injured by a drunk driver and alot of folks chipped in to help with an audio/video system for her enjoyment, so could folks get together and offer gear for a wounded Irag Veteran?, It would be a great gift to someone who sacrificed so much for all of us, being disabled I myself dont have much to offer but man it would be great to spread some Audiophile joy! Anyway Happy Holidays, Chad
Many would be happy to chip in gear or dvd's or ??? However, with all the scams out there, I personally need some proof. Discharge papers and photos? Newspaper articles? I don't know???
Email me:
Or set-up a site on You Tube or something...
I know we would want to assure it gets into both deserving and appreciative hands, I think if enough people see this and have a desire to help, surely someone will come to mind..... I guess the best idea would be to see if this idea gains any traction, then go from there.
I was in Nam 68-9,infantry,101st...........I would be glad to chip in.........
So far I got a private email and the member has a Dual CS 604 table with a Sumiko Pearl cartridge wich he isnt useing, if anyone has a news atory they have seen or knows someone in their community that could benefit from this idea then please post, thanks Chad
I have some MIT interconnects, and various other wires not doing anything and maybe even a AMC CD player, but a multi unit may be best.