Could I damage my woofers by trying this?

I have a pair of upgraded OHM I's. It has 5 drivers. 3 on top pointing up and 2 on the front. For a differnt sound Im wanting to change their postion. That is, their vertical position. I want to turn them down about 30 degrees where the 3 drivers are aimed at me. Since the woofer will be closer to the floor, could I damage them? Will the woofer be able to breathe? The speaker has 2 vents on the front. I am always tweaking. Your input would be appreciated. Mike
I'm pretty sure the engineers at OHM built these speakers like they did for a reason.If you want the correct answer to your question,call OHM.You could very possibly get some bad info from someone on a forum like this,and trash your speakers.Just a thought.
No but you will damage sound quality, want to mess about? DIY your own sell the OHM.
The woofer cone will sag a bit and assuming it doesn't have a very long linear excursion (most old woofers do not) the result could be audible distortion setting in at a lower volume level. As long as it has 2-3" clearance above the floor it can breathe just fine.

No harm in trying what you describe, but now drivers that you were supposed to listen to on-axis will be off-axis and vice versa. If the design was highly optimized for the normal orientation, sound qualiy will be degraded.
Thanks everybody. I am cancelling my experiment. I've had these speakers for 28 years and dont want to damage them now! Cant afford anything better that will play as loud and clean. Tried the PSB Stratus Golds and sold them, kept the OHMs. The Legacy Focus 20/20 is much talked about but Im dreaming again. Maybe buy them used 5-10 years from now. Mike