Could I bi-wire MC 402 to a set of speakers?

Could I bi-wire one MC 402 to a set of speakers with Low pass and high pass connectors? Such as the 4 ohm tap to the high pass and 8 ohm to the low pass. Is that possible and if so, would it produce better sound? Any input is greatly appreciated.
You could use one of the bi-wire sets that have one set of connections at one end and two at the other. That would certainly work.
I already have set of wires with two set of connections at each end..and the speakers are xrt28. The other question would be where to connect the high pass - to the mid or tweeter (and 4 or 8 ohms). THANKS AGAIN
I would use the bi-wire as you have it set up. Run one set to the bass and the other set to the high or mid and use jumpers between the two.
thanks theo. what ohms would you recommend for low/mid/high..2/4/8 is advisable to use different ohms from the same amplifier (Mcintosh MC402) to the different passes in the speaker (xrt28)?? Thanks again.
I had the 402 and used two cable sets from the 8.ohm-tap to connect them to my Shahinian Diapason speaker, which has one binding post on the subwoofer, and another one on the module for the middle and high frequencies. Both cables, and loads, add up to 6 ohm, which is fine
It is IN NO CASE advisable to use two different taps, however, as you will lose half the power, and stress the amp, as I remember being told by Chuck Hinton from McIntosh years back.
Regards, Florian Hassel
thanks for your response and expertise in this matter. i guess i will bi-wire the 4 ohm tap to connect the low and mid.
You can connect two autoformer taps to a single speaker.