Could anyone or Tyler Acoustics describe D line?

What are the sonic attributes of the new Tyler D2, D3, D4
speakers? Anyone or Tyler itself? Thanks.
call tyler
I have been curious about this, too. Personally, I am not going to call Ty because I am not buying anytime soon and do not want to waste his time.

It would be cool to hear from someone who has heard some of the older line and the new line.
Sorry no iDea. More seriously, I have a good feel for the "D" line but I can't explain it right now, as I got my hands full.
Here's the response I got from Ty himself:
The new line has totally new drivers that we had developed for us to our specs. It took 6 months for this process and I'm very happy with the Decade line. We used design wiz Danny Ritchie to design the crossovers and he worked with the factory in the driver developement. We had customers at the rocky mt show that liked the D1's better than their Linbrooks and woodmeres so that's the ultimate compliment to me. The D1's are a really big sounding speaker with deep, tight, fast bass and really good resolution. The cabinets are way more high tech than the Linbrooks. They're time aligned so there's very few crossover parts and the mid tweeter baffle is really narrow so the imaging is improved. They also have standard upgrades like flared ports, no rez cabinet damping on the inside of the cabinets, cardas posts mounted in alumium plates and magnetic grills so there's nothing on the front of the speakers degrading the looks.

I have the Linbrook signature 2 piece system and this new D line makes me want to try.
It will be nice to hear about an actual listening experience from someone who has a comparable Linbrook model. Ty's comments quoted suggest to me that he may have solved a problem that I couldn't get past with my LSS's and caused me to 'upgrade'. FWIW, if anyone had no 'issues' I wouldn't be surprised.