Cost to upgrade Vandersteen 3A's to 3A sigs.?? ?

Is there a marked improvement and what does the upgrade consist of??
The upgrade improves the clarity of the speaker. Midrange definition is much improved.
Go to the archives and read Doug Blackburns review. He compares the two speakers.
The cost of upgrading your 3A's to 3A Signature status is listed on the Vandersteen web site. And yes, the cost to upgrade is a good investment if you already like the sound of your 3A's. My 3A's were upgraded to the Signatures, and I was very pleased with the improvement of the sound.

The main difference in the upgrade is inclusion of the same tweeter used in the Vandy Model 5 (but not the same one used in the Model 5A), as well as some changes to the crossover. Also, the drivers in the 3A Sig's are all very closely matched -- to within 0.1 db, as I recall.
Scott, correct me if I am wrong, but the upgrade does not include any changes to the drivers - and that the drivers in the 3A's are not the same as those found in the 3A's Signatures (if bought as 3A Signatures) - such that if one upgrades, say, an older pair of 3A's, what one gets, in reality, is a 3A with 3A Signature tweets and X-overs NOT a true 3A Signature.
Hi, 4yanx:

I haven't looked at the Vandy site to verify my comment, but as I recall, the upgrade from 3A to 3A Sig involves replacing the tweeter with the same one used in the Model 5, plus an upgrade to some of the components in the crossover. The mid-range driver in the 3A is the same one used in the Model 5, and this is also used in the 3A Sig.