Cost Sharing ??

Do any of you, from time to time, run into a great deal that you can't or don't want to purchase on your own? For example, a dozen tubes for a great price but you only need four. Or a spool of wire that you only need part of. Or a system deal that would leave you with a preamp you don't need.

You could buy the whole thing and then try to sell the stuff you don't need. Or, you could seek partners in the purchase who share the costs so everyone wins (ideally, a pure cost share with no profit). If you seek partners, you need to do so quickly before the deal disappears.

I would like to ask Audiogon to consider opening a new "cost sharing" section. This would be different from other parts of the site in that the offers are contingent on finding enough partners to make each deal work. Does this make sense? Is this too rare an occurance to bother with? Thanks in advance for your comments.
Hi, Oz:

I like your idea -- it's similar to an arrangement that some our local audiophile club had when I was a member.

Here's a place to start: I'd like to get a new pair of Vandersteen Model 5 speakers, and if several other A-gon members would like to split the cost with me, they could come listen to the speakers whenever they are in Seattle ...
Sd: You could always set up an audio Timeshare!
My local used vinyl store offered to sell me their inventory of +/- 60,000 albums. Sadly, I can only dream. It is possible that this is the finest outlet of it's kind anywhere. Any ideas?
I do like your idea. Put me on the list if you want to organize such an endeavor.
Happy listening,
I did this with several other "inmates" from the Asylum and we turned it into a fundraiser. Everyone got a great deal on the products and it helped to support that site. The first time was with several large spools of a couple different Belden cables for interconnects and speaker cables along with the associated connectors that i purchased wholesale and the other time was with about a dozen Cal Audio Lab's 24/96 DAC's that i was able to get wholesale. I'm working on doing something like this in the future, but as some of you know, i can be slow ( maybe even slower ) as molasses : ) Sean