Cost of state of the art?

Stereophile recommended.
S. Bach Cello Suites (Import 5LP Box Set) Justin Pearson, Pedro Silva & Katherine Rockhill.
Analog tape on R2R, AKG tube clones etc. Pressed at Optimal in Germany
Took a year to produce.
But The price! $690 + tax +s/h.
@russ69 I have more money than you do so it's not a budget issue. My point is that it costs a lot to make something like this, and that there is a market for it.
The classic recording of this work is by Janos Starker, very difficult to find in it’s original Mercury Records LP pressing in good condition. When you do, it is very expensive.

There are two superb reissues currently available: a 4-LP set done by Speakers Corner; 33-1/3 RPM, pressed at Pallas in Germany. It retails for just under a hundred bucks. I chose this version over the 8-LP version now available from Analogue Productions for $175 (I believe), as the latter plays at 45 RPM. Slightly better sound (it is said), but I don’t like the LP side broken in half.
@bdp24 Yes. Thanks. I'm familiar with the Starker. I may go for the original Mercury some day. I'm not a fan of AS reissues finding them a little processed for my taste. I have an adequate Tortelier on HMV.
I have never understood the hype over the Starker discs.  I have the Speakers Corner reissues, and I greatly prefer the Pierre Fournier recordings on Archiv, both musically and sonically.
"...@russ69 I have more money than you do so it's not a budget issue ..."

Your assumption is probably wrong. Your post didn't really comment on what you were trying to get across but the exclamation mark after the price makes one assume that you thought the price was extraordinary, my bad.