cost of new tweeter for micro utopia be

where to get the tweeters for my micro utopia be as my local

distributor is not responding and the availability and pricing

in usa so that i will purchase it from usa
Have you tried these folks

Audio Plus

Good listening

I spent about $1k for a new tweeter for my Diva Utopia Be speakers when I broke one. That was no markup from either the dealer or distributor.

You'll need to go thru the shop where you purchased it to get a replacement.
Audio Plus is the source where I got mine from. The price is about the $1K noted . I am just adding this as a confirmatory experience. I replaced both because I didn't want different ages to affect the sound.
They are about 1k a pair on eBay.
Seller is in Europe and I recall perfect feedback.
Not listed all the time so be patient.
I spoke to the distributer in USA and was quoted $ 1500. I go regularly to France and contacted Focal France who replaced it for less than 688 euros. I had to send them the old Tweeter.
I'd just like to add that these tweeters are amazing and the $1k price is justified in my opinion.