Cost of Counterpoint 5.1

Was looking at this sale

Isn't that a bit pricey for this preamp? Last time I checked the Audiogon values, I think the listed range was $500-800. I have seen some with Alta Vista upgrades going for more, but..... I'd like to get one of these preamps either upgraded or stock (but more reasonably priced) if anyone knows where.
you could try the altavista website,5-800 for stock is right.There was a 3000 here for 350 last week,that would be the one to get for upgrading.It had power supply issues.They also go from 5-800 stock,good luck,Bob
Price is based on how rare amd how desirable.
If they WANT $2,000. for it.
That is their right to ask it. It does not mean you have to buy it.
I was asking $200 EACH for old EMIM speaker parts and got it. Plenty of folks wanted them... but enough wanted them @ $200 that I sold all six.
So maybe they just want what it might be worth to a real Counterpoint freak.
(or maybe they haven't got a clue... but sooner or later, they will sell it)
My view mirrors Elizabeth's.

I sold an SA-5000A for more than what I paid for it.
Based on the fact it was in like-new condition, I received 65 views in less than 10 minutes,
I knew something was happening.

It sold in less than 3 hours, plus shipping, insurance and Paypal on the buyer, he made it easy !

Wish I had a few more to sell.
Jeffnc, I think your on the right track! I never heard a Counterpoint preamp I didn't like.
I really do not know why their pre amps are so desirable now, they were no better than CJ, ARC in their day. The early VTL was far superior to them all ( late 80's early 90's. Counterpoint amps were nothing special. Why did Counterpoint go out of business?
Gbslps,you really dont know because you never had one.yet you dare to compare!Imposter!20 lashes for wasting this precious cyber-space.Do your homework before school tomorrow and you wont have to ask why for a change.Mike is [arguably] in the top ten.Now beat it......
Mike Elliott is a brilliant designer but maybe not such a good businessman. I think that was Counterpoint's undoing. The SA 7.1, 5.1, 3.1 preamp series of the mid-80's were simple, reasonably priced and had great phono stages in them. I still have my stock 7.1 preamp, and while it's prone to microphonics and can be tube fussy, it still sounds great to this day.

To answer the original poster:
a 5.1, depending on condition, should fetch in the neighborhood of 500 - 750, while a 7.1 brings 300 - 375 (or more, depending how bad the buyer wants one).
Gbslps,you really dont know because you never had one.yet you dare to compare!Imposter!20 lashes for wasting this precious cyber-space.

I owned all of the above pre amps and amps. Kept the VTL for the longest, Counterpoint had the shortest stay in my system.

Yesterday and today Quicksilver is the best in affordable equipement. Why do you get so upset over opinions?
Gbslps - You owned all of the above preamps and amps and yet you say they were not really anything special? Why go through the trouble of owning more than one if the first one did not impress you much?

As a long time owner of the greatest ARC preamps of the 80s and 90s (SP-10 and LS5/PH2), I still dreamed of owning the SA9/SA11 but these were outside of my budget when they were available to me. But these were quite a cut above the ARC preamps across the board. That the SA9 and SA11 command a large price today indicates how incredible they were and still are.

And then the issue of amps. I owned the ARC VT130 and Classic 150 monos and Counterpoint NPS400 at the same time as I was trying to find a good match for Magnepan speakers. The CL150s got rave after rave from all the reviewers. But it took no time for me to hear for myself how easily the NPS400 literally destroyed the CL150s in tonal coherency and driveability; the CL150s were just downright bright and fatiguing and my system has always been on the warm side if anything. That a little stereo amp at 40% of the cost of these behemoth mono amps could so quick embarrass the bigger amps was quite surprising to this long-time ARC fan.

I have since moved onto Wolcott and CAT as my primary amps for the Magnepan and later SoundLab speakers, but I still have the Counterpoint and it continues to greatly impress me. I know of no other amp that can drive so many difficult speakers and do it so well musically and at such a phenomenol value. To say they are nothing special implies you gave them very little chance.

As for why Counterpoint went out of business, it is all well detailed here. And Michael Elliot has continued his development work with his latest company.

Gbslps,I was not upset with your post,more like probing for another from you explaining ,shall I say,a rather unusual position for a bonafide ex-Counterpoint player.Unusual in the sense that most people who know Mike's work would know not to put his business acumen alongside his design talents.2 different worlds to be sure.That being said,I remain your fellow audiophool on most levels.Till we meet again then,thanks,Bob....Hi John!